Painters Auckland

  • Commercial & Residential Projects
  • Roof Painting and Maintenance
  • Spray Painting
  • Interior / Exterior Painting
  • Paint/Varnish Stripping
  • Minor Repairs
  • Free Colour Advise

1. Interior:

Interior painting requires commitment and thorough preparation to achieve impressions that will last. At XPrime, we understand this and take full responsibility of your project from start to finish.

During a work contract, we will always protect your home including your wooden floors, carpets and furniture etc. We will leave your property neat and tidy on completion.

2. Exteriors:

We employ the most appropriate technique for each individual project from the preparation of all surfaces down to the last finish coat. We are committed to quality workmanship, which beautifies and protects your home. So we emphasise on materials — always using the highest quality paints and coatings with a proven effectiveness against sun, rain, mildew, chipping, peeling and other environmental conditions. We use right equipment to make the job prepared properly and efficient for long lasting, not just cover the problem.

At all times we will use drop sheets/plastic film to protect your belongings – driveway, shrub, plants, deck floor and so on.

3. Roof Painting: 

All roofs are water-blasted, moss/lichen killed where required, checked for rust, loose nails and remedied before commencing with painting, using operators well trained in the use of safety equipment and methods of application. Quality U.V. resistant roof paints are used to withstand the conditions of salt air and humidity experienced in Auckland. We can assist with the selection of colour once a quotation has been confirmed, and will report any problems need to be taken care.